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Current Events,

One of my best friends has decided that they do not approve of my boyfriend.
I assume they have felt this way for a while by the phone call I received recently.
They asked me to move in with them.

I told them that me and the boyfriend were a package deal.

A barrage of questions, insults and pent up emotions followed from both ends.

I was then called "Meal Ticket"

"Used" "A Bad Friend" "Stubborn" and the lot.

My relationship with my boyfriend was then berated repeatedly and he in turn was called "A User"

"A Deadbeat" "Conveniently Out Of College" and the ever faithful "Lazy"

Because my friend has done so much work in their life that they cannot possibly stand to be around our ilk.

They told me today they are "Finished"

"Not Listening Anymore" "Misunderstood" and finally "Betrayed"

All because I will not move in with her with my lack of financial security,job and car/ability to drive.
Said car that was sitting in front her house has also been impounded.
Along with several of my possessions that I left in her care while I was overseas in Italy.
Because I don’t understand her feelings and she doesn’t have all the facts.

Anyone think this is reasonably fit entry for FML?


I love my boyfriend. I love my bestie.
The mold that has taken over the bedroom is finally being taken care of.
I get to see my mom in two weeks.
I have new clothes and a better outlook on myself and my friends.
I have a new blogspot where I can express said outrages and wonders.


Take care,


There’s a time to pray,
and there’s a time to fight.
Anything can be a weapon,
if you’re holding it right.
Defend what is yours.
They will not take our souls.
It’s time now to rise,
and fight!
Ludo-Save Our City
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